For an ethical and sustainable future

Boycott X scans products and identify companies on boycott lists, encouraging more conscious choices.

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Enables users to scan product barcodes to check whether the brand check whether the brand is referenced in boycott lists..


Allows users to browse through different boycott categories and display the companies involved


Displays all products scanned by the user, providing a chronological overview of their scanning activity.


Presents graphical analyses of the origin of scanned products, helping users to understand their consumption trends.

Our users' opinions

Very useful! I love it!

Perfect for everyday shopping! It's super practical and lets you check at a glance whether a product is on the boycott list. The interface is easy to use and the information is always up to date. I'm going to use it every every day for a good cause.


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Very good, complete and fluid application. There's just the design to on some pages, but don't forget THAT YOU DON'T HAVE TO PAY ANYTHING! And that's great, thank you!


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Practical and committed

I was looking for a way to fight certain companies. served. Easy to use, I recommend it!


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Frequently asked questions

The "Boycott X" application enables users to scan barcodes of products to check their compliance with ethical and environmental and environmental criteria, providing information on origin, brand and categorized boycott lists, while also providing a history of scanned products and history of scanned products and statistics on their origin.

Using "Boycott X" helps you make informed, responsible purchasing decisions decisions by informing you about the ethical and environmental practices of environmental practices. By simply scanning barcodes, you can find out if a product is associated product is associated with human rights, animal welfare or environmental impact issues environmental impact, enabling you to support companies aligned with your personal your personal values and contribute to a positive change in consumer practices. consumption practices.

Yes, if you wish to contest a boycott listed in the "Boycott X" application, you can do so directly via the "there's an error" button after a scan. We welcome discussion and reassessment based on reliable and up-to-date information.

To propose the addition of a company to the boycott list of the Boycott X" application, please contact us [email protected] We examine each suggestion carefully to ensure that it is based on is based on reliable and relevant information.

If your scan cannot be found in the "Boycott X" application, this may be due to the fact that new barcodes are constantly being created and added to the market. that new barcodes are constantly being created and added to the market, and our and our database is constantly expanding and learning how to integrate them. We are continually working to update and enrich our database database to ensure the widest and most accurate coverage possible. Over time, our time, our system improves and integrates more and more products, in order to information to our users.